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4GB Disk-on-module IDE 44 pin


Product Description


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's an AOTL sticker??

No, this is a disk-on-module (DOM), it is a flash drive intended to be plugged directly onto the motherboard and is used as a computer Hard Drive (HDD). DOM devices emulate a traditional hard disk drive, resulting in no need for special drivers or other specific operating system support. DOMs are usually used for industrial control areas, embedded systems, telecom, military, Communications Equipment, Network Routers, POS Machines, Embedded Devices, Automation Equipment, Aerospace Facilities, Medical Equipment, Gaming, etc. DOMs are often deployed in harsh environments where mechanical HDDs would simply fail, or in thin clients because of small size, low power consumption and silent operation. The Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) is 1,000,000 hours of operation. DOMs are made to last with heavy file system use. In the pictures above you can see the size of this DOM next to a typical USB thumb drive. At just a 1/4" thick, it just sits there vertically on an Amiga A1200 motherboard (In our new A1200.net case), out of the way of everything including the keyboard. This is the safest, easiest, most reliable and best upgrade you can make for your beloved retro computers. Forgive for our shameless AOTL sticker, we are proud to be the first Amiga re-seller to carry this product for all computer lovers!. We hope you are too.

Watch Alan Ratelif talk about DOMs with Guru Meditation (starting @ 50 seconds in)


Used in any computer with a 44 Pin IDE header.

1" tall. 1/4" thick. 2" wide

Works in stock Amiga 1200, 600 and Amiga 500 with our new Wicher 500i board (coming very soon)





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