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AMD Radeon R9 270X Toxic Edition


Product Description

This video card for the AmigaOne X5000 and AmigaOne X1000 is one of the fastest video cards you can buy for your AmigaOne!

This very, very hard to get card is "IN STOCK" today. We found a small stash of them and we cut the price down for Amiga On The Lake customers. We are offering them at the "BEST PRICE" you can find anywhere. They are not going to last long, so get yours today. When they run out that may be the last of them.

  • Chipset: AMD Radeon R9 270X
  • Engine Clock: 1100 MHz
  • Boost Clock: 1150 MHz
  • Video Memory: 2GB GDDR5
  • Memory Clock: 6000 MHz Effective
  • Memory Interface: 256-bit
  • Bus: PCI-Express 3.0, (2.0)
  • Stream Processors: 1280
  • RAMDAC: 400 MHz
  • Max. Resolution: 4096 x 2160
  • Connectors:Thermal: Fansink (Triple Fans)
    • Input: 2x 6pin PCI-E Power Connectors
    • Output: DVI-I, DVI-D, HDMI, DisplayPort
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 113.0 x 308.0 x 41.0 mm
  • This Video Card Supports:
    • AmigaOS4.1 FE with Warp3D & Warp3D Nova
    • SAPPHIRE Tri-X Cooling Technology
    • AMD Stream Technology
    • AMD Avivo HD (DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray Playback)
    • AMD CrossFireX Multi-GPU Technology
    • AMD HD3D Technology
    • AMD Catalyst Control Center
    • Enhanced Unified Video Decoder 3 (UVD 3)
    • AMD APP Acceleration Technology
    • AMD PowerPlay with ZeroCore Power Technology
    • AMD HD Media Accelerator Technology
    • Dolby TrueHD and DTSHD Master Audio


16K Hours Capacitor

High quality aluminum-made long life capacitor lengthens the life time of the product. Improved reliability and better overclocking are possible by using only high-polymer, aluminum capacitors which possess far superior characteristics than regular aluminum capacitor for a longer product life. When operational temperatures drop by 20°C, the product life span is extended by a factor of ten, when the operational temperature increases by 20°C, the product life span only decreases by 10%.

Two-ball bearing

Dual ball bearings on the fan spindles ensure smooth running and long life and are designed to keep out dust. A quiet cooling solution, Two ball-bearing fan features a high-efficiency blade design.




Sapphire R9 270X Toxic Edition OC Review

The build quality of the Toxic Edition OC is fantastic. Sapphire are using their latest Tri-X cooler with 10mm heatpipes and have incorporated a 10 phase power system on this card to offer maximum stability under overclocked load situations. The use of high grade diamond black chokes is also reassuring to see, especially as this card is so highly overclocked out of the box. While every card will overclock to a different level, the headroom on our particular review sample was substantial. We managed to push the core clock speed to 1,235mhz – which pushes performance well past the eVGA GTX760 super clocked card that we used in this review. Even with a recent price cut, the eVGA GTX760 SuperClocked retails for £206.99, which is £27 more expensive than the Sapphire R9 270X Toxic Edition OC.


Toxic R9 270X Gold Award. HWM

In conclusion, the Toxic R9 270X is a card that doesn't just look monstrously awesome, but performs like one as well. Radon fans take heed, if you want your rig to perform as well as look good on absurdly wicked levels while still saving money, then this Sapphire card is for you.


MUST HAVE, Tweaktown

Sapphire's Radeon™ R9 270X 2GB TOXIC is a really great performing video card, and to be honest with you, it's slightly better than we thought it would be. The decision to bump the core up to the highest speed we've seen so far and then to give the memory a slight boost in performance as well is really fantastic. In the end, you can see the numbers talk for themselves, and we really do see a strong boost in performance when compared to the AMD reference card. We also see that the performance boost is quite strong when compared to the MSI Twin Frozr Gaming OC, which also came out of the box overclocked. Moving away from the gaming performance numbers, the cooler is just amazing. The numbers it puts out in both the noise and temperature department are really fantastic - so much so that the noise levels are the quietest of any video card we've tested.


PCWizKid's Tech Talk Recommends the R9 270X Toxic

The TOXIC edition features extreme factory programmed overclocks which means that you dont have to overclock further and still deliver the best performance in its class. Best of all is the price, at a MSRP of $239 USD what serious gamer on a budget wouldnt want to order one of these today! 


HiTechLegion Reivews the Sapphire R9 270X Toxic

Out of the box performance at the price point of $239.99 and the extra overclocking capability paired with Tri-X Cooling and 6000 MHz of memory makes the Sapphire Toxic Edition R9 270X a performance beast in its class. Not to mention they finally have a decent mascot.


LANOC gives Reccommned Award to R9 270X Toxic

Not to look down on anything Sapphire has done in the past, but I think it’s obvious that Sapphire has really stepped up their game with the introduction of the Sapphire Toxic R9 270X. They completely changed their design strategy when it comes to the cooler for this card, not to mention the revamped color scheme and packaging as well. I really dig the styling that they went for on the Toxic R9 270X and that is even ignoring the fact that they went with my favorite color as well. Including a backplate was a welcome surprise that helps complete the package. On top of it all they even lit up the Sapphire logo up on the top to show off what card you are running. The performance testing of the Toxic R9 270X was especially impressive. I couldn’t believe that small bump in GPU clock speed as well as the memory overclock managed to squeeze even more performance out of the R9 270X above what I saw yesterday from the Gigabyte model. I was a little disappointed with the noise test results but the performance results made it all worthwhile.


Legit Reviews Compares stock 270X and Toxic 270X

The Sapphire Toxic R9 270X is a great example of a fully decked out Radeon™ R9 270X and shows the cards full potential. At $239 you are getting all the bells and whistles and an epic video card that performs great, runs cool and is nearly silent. Sapphire did a great job on the Toxic R9 270X 2GB video card. 



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