Kipper2K-MX Keyboard…...update

Kipper2K-MX Keyboard…...update

Hello folks,

Here is an update of where we stand with the Kipper2K-MX keyboard pre-orders. We have been jockeying back and forth with the manufacture ensuring that the sizing and profiles of the custom set we are ordering are correct. We have also changed the manufacturer as we were being "nickeled and dimed" for every small option that we wanted so this has cost us a few weeks. We now have finally ordered the “highest quality custom moulds” that our custom keycaps will be made from. This is a new twist to this project, we felt that this is an essential step to reproduce all Amiga keyboards for the greatest degree of quality and accuracy possible. There are 4 moulds that will be created for the keyboard so this is the part of the process that we are waiting for. We have spared no expense to produce this for our new keyboards. We also improved the key caps in many ways, through our custom moulds and using UV resistant materials. All pre-ordered keyboards come as a complete “drop in” replacement, all soldering and assembly work will be done in house by us. All pre-ordered keyboards will also include a USB header for use with many other devices (e.g. Raspberry Pi, Myst..etc)

In addition we have created the A600 Kipper2K-MX keyboard to use our custom keysets so once the A1200/A500 keyboards are available we will be able to introduce the A600 keyboards shortly after. Our keyboards will also fit in A1000, A2000 - A4000 external keyboards. In addition we have begun working with other Amiga developers/manufacturers to include the Kipper2K-MX Keyboards designs in their projects as well.

We thank you for your patience, we are looking forward to getting these out to our customers in the shortest timeframe possible.

This will all arrive Q2 2019. We are sorry for the delays but understand that this is very important to both Kipper2K and Amiga On The Lake, that this will be the:

“best replacement keyboard you have every seen”

All pre-orders go out to customers first! You are welcome to join the pre-orders anytime or wait and order them anytime after they are here!

Thank you for your support!

Kipper2K & Amiga On The Lake

PS Anyone that is disappointed or angry about the delay, we understand. Just let us know and will always be happy to refund your money immediately.