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AOTL Donations

 New donation for the 

Amiga 4000 Replica with Schematics




As many owners of the Amiga 4000 boards know they contain a battery and several electrolytic capacitors which when age and leak cause severe damage to the motherboard. The goal of this fundraiser is to have the original board converted to schematics and Gerber files. This will allow new boards to be manufactured. The schematics will allow future updates and changes to the design of the board for future enhancements or improvements. 

This work will be accomplished by Integrated Sensor Technologies, located in Goleta California ( www.isensortech.com) and will take 4 - 6 weeks for completion. Once complete the files will be released publicly and hosted on a site such as github. The project does not include any boards and is only for the funding of the engineer and the work required to complete the file conversion project. Any boards will have to be purchased by those requiring them from a PCB manufacturer on their own. 









On to our normal AOTL Donations 





This is the first of many BIG steps we are taking at Amiga On The Lake to continue the growth of AmigaOS4.1FE and the AmigaOne line of computers. 

We are keeping that flame burning



We are taking a very bold step to help encourage developers who work very hard to bring us great software to AmigaOS4.1FE 

We are matching all donation by 20%. The more you give the more we give.


100% of ALL money donated "+ our 20%" is given to the developers. In addition we pay any PayPal fees too!!!


Norbert Kett    (Dropbox and Google Drive Handlers      http://distrita.com/dropbox-handler/) 

Tony Wilen      (Winuae     http://www.winuae.net)

Stefan Blixth   (Many, Many, Many programs   http://www.onyxsoft.se)

Andy Broad     (ProAction, SketchBlock, Line 6 Pod Editor, AOrganiser...etc   http://www.broad.ology.org.uk/amiga/)

Hans de Ruiter  ( Radeon HD, Warp3D, Waro3D Nova..etc       https://hdrlab.org.nz)

Marko Seppänen (CookieMaster, ShowFiles, Preferences....etc    http://www.m4rko.com/amiga/)

Jamie Krueger  (SDK Browser, and the AVD Template, FreeAVD      http://bitbybitsoftwaregroup.com/index.php)

Mark Ritter         (Workbench Explorer, very cool if we say so ourselves lol)

HunoPPC         (many SDL games ported for AmigaOS PowerPC     http://hunoppc.amiga-projects.net)

Daniel Müßener ( Open GL ES 2.0, Wings Battlefield..etc       http://www.goldencode.de)

Entwickler-X   (Emotion, M.A.C.E. Bubble Shooter...etc          http://entwickler-x.de)

Achim Pankalla   (Ignition Spreadsheet for OS4.1)               http://ignition-amiga.sourceforge.net/index.html

(Group 1)


 2017 Total Donation as of September $3,138.80


Jan 2017  Total = $374.40   Donations Received $312.00    20% added by Amiga On The Lake $62.40 ( 2 Developers Added)  

Feb 2017  Total = $420.00   Donations Received $350.00    20% added by Amiga On The Lake $70.00 ( 2 Developers Added)

Mar 2017  Total = $552.00   Donations Received $460.00    20% added by Amiga On The Lake $92.00 ( 1 Developer Added)

April 2017 Total = $566.00   Donations Received $472.00    20% added by Amiga On The Lake $94.00

July & August 2017 Total = $626.40 Donations Received $522.00    20% added by Amiga On The Lake $104.40

September 2017 Total = $600.00   Donations Received $488.00    20% added by Amiga On The Lake $97.60 + $14.40


Send us developer's information and developers you would like us to add:  software@amigaonthelake.com