-- Pre-Order TODAY-- New Replacement Keyboards from Kipper2k

Ladies and Gentlemen

As the exclusive worldwide retailer

We are proud to introduce to you the official Pre-Order for the Kipper2k's A500 and A1200 (others coming soon) replacement keyboards for your classic Amiga computers. For more information please see: Kipper2k

We have ordered a very large quantity of custom sized keycaps and switches to reduce cost for all customers. With a six week lead time, this Pre-Order is not to raise the money necessary to then place the Pre-Order. We have already done this. We are targeting on or before Christmas 2018. Amiga On The Lake and Kipper2k have worked hard to do this for you. We have fully funded this exciting project with a very large investment up front. We made an educated guess of demand and then doubled that number to ensure that we can provide at the lowest cost to the Amiga community the highest quality keyboard with the best components possible.

The price will be $189USD for the A1200 & $199USD for the A500 (A500 includes controller chip and new LED'S) for the complete keyboard kits. This kit will include all the components needed to build your new keyboard. This is a simple task and will come with instructions. This kit will include the following components:

  • •Cherry MX Brown Switches.
  • •PC Board (with custom keyboard controller for the A500 model)
  • •Full set of keycaps with the closest to original colors as possible, + 2 extra Keycaps for PAL/North America, included.
  • •Support plate
  • •All Cables necessary for use out of the box.
  • •optional mounting screws included.
  • •LED’s for A500 version
  • •Stabilizer springs for the larger keys
  • •future enhancements are planned

Also Kipper2k is not leaving the the A600 and big box Amiga’s behind. The A600, A2000, A3000 & A4000 keyboards coming soon. Also Replacement PCB membranes for those wishing to repair their A500/A600 and A1200 computers are expected to be available after Xmas 2018. These will replace the plastic membranes currently in these computers.

Please leave in the notes section your choice of colors (example….original colors or black...etc) this will help us as we may offer additional colors for your order and future orders, again if we get enough interest. You also can email us at orders@amigaonthelake.com, for your choice of colors to help assess cost. Please let us know so we can swap your colors before shipping and add a color choice if there is enough interest going forward.

10/21/2018: We have added an option to the Pre-Order for black as a Keycap color, in addition to the original Keycaps colors!


We would like to thank Kipper2k for his hard work on this and other Amiga projects in the past and projects to come!

Thank you Kipper2k :)

Aaron Smith & Jeffery Yoder

Amiga On The Lake