New Kipper2K MX Keyboards for the Commodore 64

Hi All,

It's time to show off another one of our projects almost completed. This was done by Kipper2K and funded by Amiga On The Lake.

Kipper2K has been working on something great so let him tell you all about this project that he has been working on for some time now.  

For The Best Selling Personal Computer in the World

The Commodore 64!

The Kipper2K C64MX keyboard with keycaps

and ...

This shows basic keycaps added when I was initially setting it up. Keycaps will have the symbols as well as the letters.

Keyboard is fully functioning and will have new keycaps and there will be a choice of what type, the user prefers (more on that later).

The board is complete and can be used with USB so users can use with their PC and SBC's if needed. Will post more info on it later.

Still have a couple of more new projects to announce, next one will be shortly so stay tuned.