Ahhh hello there, I see there are many new Buccaneers among you, Traveling on the high sea. This AmigaOne rebel alliance is growing stronger. Beware to you Penguins, Microsloth’s and Apple faith-full. Now that our ship The USS AOTL has left the port of Oswego. We are locked and loaded ready to send all the dark forces down to Davy jones’ locker to meet the sailor’s devil himself!

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving. With that happy time behind us we would like to share an update. Sales are going very, very well! with our new special discount until the end of 2017 on the AmigaOne X5000 system and Motherboard. As we look forward to Christmas we are expecting many more to join us in meeting our mission statement, “to grow the AmigaOS4.1 user base and sell and support the AmigaOne line of computers from A-EON”.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support!

Jeff & Aaron