AmigaOS4 NorthEast Get-Together: June 14-16 2019

update 3/24/2019

We have some new information that we would like to share with you. First, Trevor Dickinson reach out to us with an offer to help sponsor the AmigaOS4 NorthEast Get-Together. We would like give a very special thanks to Trevor for his generosity. As with so many things Amiga related, you often find Trevor Dickinson behind the scene supporting our love of the Amiga in many ways. Please make sure to reach out and thank Trevor for all his support and encouragement.

We have a number of key AmigaOS/AmigaOS4 developers that will be in attendance. This will make this event and great place to meet and learn directly from other developers.

After our 12PM lunch, during the hands on questions and answers we will have have some people that will be set of with tables showing off some great Amiga stuff. Sean Fitzgerald will have his AmigaOne X5000 set up to show off MorphOS. We will also have Timothy Deters, set up at a table demonstrating some very interesting AROS stuff that you are going to want to see. Be sure to check this out.

There are others (and we are looking for more) that are planing on showing off what they are working on. If you would like to show off your projects please contact Aaron Smith at All tables will be provided free of charge by our sponsors. Just be sure to let us know what you need such as power, ethernet….etc.

The hotel Quality Inn & Suites Riverfront will be holding the block of rooms we have set aside for our attendees until one month before the event. That date is May 14 2019. If you book your stay after that date, the group name AmigaOS4 will be the same and the rate will remain in place. After May 14 2019 the rooms will be based upon availability. If you have any problems getting a room after that date reach out to and we will find you a room.

Please be sure to let us know when you will arrive on Friday May 14. That evening will be meeting people, talking and having fun in the bar GS Steamers, conveniently located inside The Quality Inn & Suites Riverfront Hotel . A very nice, spacious and fun place to relax and have fun before Saturdays event.



For any questions and or help reach out to us at

Looking forward to spending time with you!

Jeffrey & Aaron


We hope to see you there!

Aaron & Jeff