Amiga On The Lake reaffirms their commitment to Retro Computing in 2024.

Amiga On The Lake reaffirms their commitment to Retro Computing in 2024.

We hope the new year is going well for everyone now that we're a bit into it. Here at AOTL we're looking forward to a resurgence with an expansion of our product offerings and continuance of the many popular products we've carried from our beginning.

First we would like to address the difficulties we experienced last year. Aaron Smith, who is a founding partner and my close friend of over 30 years, suffered health set backs that have forced him to permanently step away from AOTL. He and his family have asked that there not be any further disclosure of the nature of his health struggles other than he is receiving all the treatment he needs to eventually recover.

With his absence I have been handling all aspects of running AOTL through most of last year. That has been challenging but I've happily excepted the responsibility. What many don't know is that I've been sole owner of Amiga On The Lake LLC since it's creation back in August of 2016. Aaron and I agreed on that approach as he was sole owner of his own business and had too much on his managerial and financial plates with that business. We split the responsibilities of running AOTL between us realizing a long held mutual desire to collaborate in a tech business. Despite not having Aaron around to help I managed as I could and kept the lights on and orders fulfilled.

Fortunately, a long time friend and consultant as well as a part time project collaborator, Jamie Krueger, accepted my invitation to become a full partner in AOTL. The two of us have been working together closely since late last fall to revitalize the business.

We developed plans to add new products to our current line up, some of which are available now, as well as re-establishing relationships with suppliers of the products we've been carrying the past few years. Some of the new products are being developed in house by Jamie and myself to be introduced throughout the rest of this year and into the next.

We're both excited and dedicated to continue to serve the Amiga and retro computer enthusiast markets for years to come. Please stay in touch and follow our developments and offerings as the rest of this year plays out. We hope that we can help all that stop by and shop our site to enjoy their Amiga and retro computer experience in what ever form that may be.